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DJ Simonai

Hi, my name is Simon Tapaj, born in Slovenia, 1985. Being a young boy, I never saw me as music spinniner (DJ). But then, in elementary school, my life took an unexpected turn when I saw my friend standing behind the turntable ... It just hit me! I knew..."that's what I want to do for the rest of my life." That's how - for the last five years - I'm trying to make it big and I can say that every day it looks/sounds better and better. But being a DJ is just my 'night dry job'. I'm also a rafting, canyoning and kayak guide on NW Slovenian white-water river Soca near the small town of Bovec. As you can imagine, water sports are activities suitable only during summer. In the winter I practice "frozen water" sports, like snowboarding on Slovenia's highest ski resort called 'Kanin', just near my hometown. So fun is all around: day and night, 24/7, whole year long!


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