Čezsoča (366 m)

Three kilometres south of Bovec by the left bank of the Soča river there is a village with great access to the river Soča's beaches, which are popular meeting place for those who search for a refreshing shelter in summer. Čezsoča is composed of down, middle and upper village, which are spread as lonely farms under the northern slope of mount Polovnik. The name of the village means over the Soča in Slovene. In the old documents, the place is mentioned in 1306 and 1338 as an ultra Isontium and Villa de Vltra Lisoncij (1377).




  • Kayak school on Soča River (entrance and exit place Čezsoča)
  • Guided activities on Soča River (entrance and exit place Vodenca)
  • Family cycling trip along the left bank of the River to Log Čezsoški
  • Rental of the settled (picnic) barbeque spots by the river
  • numerous walking trails


  • authentic home cooking
  • seasonal specialties
  • A la carte dishes
  • Taken care for the gourmets.
  • Suitable for larger groups

Daily lunch

Offer of various tasty lunches every day. The price of the daily lunch is 8€.